“It pays to be first” – Hito offer their first customer a £1million* discount
09.11.16 |News

As for all new companies, convincing people to try out a new provider or brand is tricky business. In a bid to get their first Hito Edge customer, Hito, a new FinTech provider is offering an incredible discount worth up to the value of £1million*.

Hito have already proven their Hito Edge solution under previous brand name Case Dynamics, with clients from HP, JBW, Deloitte and Agilisys. But following the launch of the new brand and name, they’re pulling out all of the stops to make their first customer feel welcome.

So what is Hito Edge? In short, it’s an award-winning debt management solution that optimises available resources and streamlines business processes, enabling you to create huge efficiency savings.

Jamie Waller, Hito’s Chief Executive says, “Hito is here to shake up the industry and this special offer is doing just that. We’re using this to demonstrate our commitment and confidence to any new customers that join us. We know it’s challenging for companies to get buy-in to change their IT solutions, especially new ones. But that shouldn’t make it impossible. Disruptive technology has many advantages for early adopters, and £1million is now another fantastic benefit for our first customer.”

Previously companies had hesitations about adopting newer, more user-friendly FinTech solutions due to things like security and compliancy standards. However, as published in Hito’s recent opinion piece:

What we all know is that financial services cannot afford to be held back by obsolete solutions. This viewpoint sits at the heart of the Financial Conduct Authority’s latest push toward embracing ‘disruptive technology’ within the industry. That’s because such disruption allows for, indeed demands, macro-scale pushes forward in terms of both capabilities and thinking. That’s why the FCA has embraced a climate where developers can actively pursue disruptive technology to improve the state of the industry, and to foster better competition within the industry.

Find out more about the incredible offer here.

*Hito will subsidise 50% of the Hito Edge licensing revenue over the first 4 years of the contract, up to a maximum of £1million.

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