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Technology Stack

Technology Stack

Hito Edge is a multi-tiered client-server business application comprising of:

  • A Java middleware layer (Spring Framework + OpenJPA + MyBATIS)
  • HTML + Javascript web browser-based user interface (Vaadin + Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

For your customers

You can access and manage your account online using the eCustomer portal. The portal is a vanilla Spring MVC cross-browser web application that provides cross-browser compatibility.

For people in the field

Hito Edge can also be accessed through Hito’s mobile app to interact with field agents. Field agents can securely access their automatically-scheduled work and communicate with the office.

For your clients

The standard database back-end is PostgreSQL. Oracle® is recommended for larger-scale deployments. The system is designed to be compatible with enterprise database products from most database vendors. Typical system deployment is on Linux servers, in a Java environment.

Hosting & Security


Tailored for your business

Every implementation of Hito Edge is configured for each individual organisation. We know that one size does not fit all, and taking the time to understand how your business works means you can have a system built to fit your specific needs. 

Available when you need it

Hito Edge can be deployed in a High Availability Cluster (HA) configuration. It supports both web application server clustering with load balancing and database-level clustering. In plain English: the system has extremely high availability.

Size doesn’t matter

Hito Edge has been designed to be fully scalable. The platform runs in large deployment environments and uses components in the technology stack that are mature and well tested.


Hito web portal

The following browsers are fully supported by Hito:

  • Google Chrome or Chromium
  • Firefox version 3.5 onwards
  • Safari (Mac OS X)
  • Internet explorer 7 or above

Hito mobile app

The Hito mobile application is designed to run on smartphones. Minimum requirements are as follows:

  • Minimum usable screen size is 480 x 800 pixels
  • Android version 2.2 (Froyo) onwards
  • 3G/4G+ mobile internet connectivity
  • GPS enabled
  • Wi-Fi capability


Keep the performance up

Hito Edge is a powerful tool that is proven to increase performance. We also ensure that it is a completely secure solution, so that you can continue performing day-in-day-out without any worries.

You can trust us

“下駄を預ける” is a Japanese proverb that translates to:

“To entrust your shoes to someone.” This saying comes from the notion that when you enter someone’s house, you leave your shoes in their care. At Hito we believe whole-heartedly in trust and taking care of our clients. We do our upmost to provide you with secure, compliant solutions so you can be rest assured that your business is in the best hands.

Hito Edge was built with both security and reliability in mind:

  • Access control

Hito Edge has a comprehensive security model, audit and access control measures built-in, allowing compliance with IT security standards ISO 27001.

  • Audit and compliance

The application hosts a full suite of security and audit features.

  • Fault tolerance

Hito Edge was designed as a high-uptime system. The cluster environment configuration provides tolerance of a range of faults, and allows smooth version upgrades.

  • Self-monitoring tools

IT departments can externally monitor Hito Edge using their central monitoring systems, however the system also has internal self-monitoring features.